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1.Call to my Arms

Kouzlo na osvobození Piper a Lea od Shakti a Shivy
We call upon the mortal way,
And gods who guide but may not stay,
We seek those of divinity,
To separate from and set them free
(Vyvoláno Paige)

2.The Bare Witch Project

Kouzlo na návrat Lady Godivy do její doby
From lands afar and time and space
Take her now from this our place,
One that dwells so must remain,
Send her back to her domain
(Vyvoláno Paige)

Kouzlo na vyvolání Lorda Dysona
We look to find the evil set free,
Bring this demon before us three
(Vyvoláno Piper, Phoebe a Paige)

Kouzlo na vyvolání Lady Godivy a Lorda Dysona
Where royals once lived, so did she,
Bring forth the naked lady from the eleventh century
(Vyvoláno Paige)

Kouzlo na návrat Lady Godivy do její doby
A time for everything and everything in place,
Return what has been moved from time and space
(Vyvoláno Duncanem)

3.Cheaper by the Coven

Kouzlo na vyvolání ducha
Hear me now, hear my cries,
Spirit from the other side,
Cross now the great divide
(Vyvoláno Paige)

Kouzlo na rozhřešení rivality
Pass your petty jealousies to darkest night
Let these feuding siblings no longer fight
(Vyvoláno babičkou)

Kouzlo na zmrazení někoho
Let this girl, quick as a sneeze,
Stop this snit and quickly freeze
(Vyvoláno babičkou)

Proti-kouzlo na rozhřešení rivality
Reverse the spell from the book,
And please restore what was took
(Vyvoláno babičkou)

Kouzlo na vyvolání všech Halliwellů
I call forth from space and time,
The matriarchs from the Halliwell line,
Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends,
Our family's spirit without end
(Vyvoláno babičkou)


Kouzlo na aktivování fontány mládí
With these offerings, I call on thee,
The goddess of fertility
Rise now, show us the truth,
Give us the gift of eternal youth.
(Vyvoláno Piper)

5.Styx Feet Under

*Bez kouzel*

6.Once In A Blue Moon

*Bez kouzel*

7.Someone to Witch Over Me

Kouzlo na vidění strážců
Show me what the evil sees,
Even if at lightning speed
(Vyvoláno Paige)

8.Charmed Noir

Kouzlo na zrychlení předtuch
Show me what the evil sees,
even if the lighting speeds.

9.There's Something About Leo

*Bez kouzel*

10.Witchness Protection

Kouzlo na osvobození duše
Free our souls from their shells,
see where the lost spirits dwell
long enough to find their pain,
(He tosses the parchment aside as he finishes the spell.)
quick enough to return again
(Vyvoláno Drakem)

Kouzlo na osvobození Zankoua
Lexonero bestia

11.Ordinary Witches

Kouzlo na vyměnění schopností
What's mine is yours, what's yours is mine,
I offer up my gift to share.
Switch our powers through the air
(Vyvoláno Piper a Phoebe)

12.Extreme Makover: World Edition

*Bez kouzel*


*Bez kouzel*

14.Carpe Demon

Kouzlo na odhalení skutečné podoby
The darkness within cannot be undone.
Embrace your true self!
(Vyvoláno čarodějem)

Kouzlo na přivolání čaroděje
Sorcerer of darkness, demon of fright,
I call you now into my sight
(Vyvoláno Paige)

Kouzlo na zničení čaroděje
Evil blasts we cannot use
The Power of Three now lights their fuse
(Vyvoláno Piper, Phoebe a Paige)

15.Show Ghouls

Kouzlo na návrat do roku 1890
Free our souls from their shells,
See were the lost spirits dwells,
Long enough to find their pain,
Quick enough to return again.
(Vyvoláno Phoebe a Drakem)

16.The Seven Year Witch

*Bez kouzel*

17.Scry Hard

Kouzlo na vrácení Nexuse do podzemí
I'm light, I am one to strong to fight,
So go away and leave my sight,
and take with you this endless night
(Vyvoláno Piper)

18.Little Box Of Horrors

*Bez kouzel*

19.Freaky Phoebe

Kouzlo na vrácení duše Phoebe zpět do jejího těla
Lock of hair, completes our call,
to help us reclaim our sisters soul,
ban the demon, spare and pain,
bring Phoebe back from the ghostly plane
(Vyvoláno Piper)

20.Imaginary Friends

Kouzlo ke komunikaci s Wyattem
Help this mother understand,
the thoughts inside her little man
though his mouth be quiet,
let us hear his inner Wyatt
(Vyvoláno a napsáno Piper)

Kouzlo na odstranění kledby z Wyatta
Evil taints for it was once held there
Remove this curse away from here

(Vyvoláno Piper)

Kouzlo na navrácení Wyatta zpět do budoucnosti
Send in the future, sudden the past
seeing a new what once has past
return him now to once he came
right where he left, all now the same
(Vyvoláno a napsáno Piper)

21.Death becomes them

*Bez kouzel*

22.Something Wicca This Way Goes

Kouzlo na promění Zankoua na prase
Something wicked in our myst
in our home where he excist
(Vyvoláno Piper, Phoebe a Paige)

Kouzlo na zničení Nexuse
From ancient time this power came
From all to have and not to reign
Pick it now, show no mercy,
For this power can no longer be
(Vyvoláno Piper, Phoebe a Paige)

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